Product Lines

Take your tan to the MAX with our tan-enhancing products.

Tanatomy Products

The Ultimate Tanning and Skin Care Products

  • Highest Technical Achievement with the newest breakthrough ingredients.
  • Super Octa Plex Complex™ all 8 known Tan Intensifier.
  • Results in the richest personal tan and superb anti-aging, skin preservation.

Products Available: HD, HP, Infinity

iLine Products

Featuring Advanced Skin-Enhancing Ingredients

  • Specific products for every tanning need.
  • Exclusive Melanocyte Energizers™ producing the highest level of melanin and additional tanning benefits.
  • Advanced, multiple skin enhancing, moisturizing and nutrition ingredients with preferred fragrances.

Products Available: iEscape, iKiss, iInk, iPleasure, iBlack, iTease, iDazzle, iIndulge, iImpress, iNatural, iEnergy, iShower, iExtend

Serenity Products

For Tanners Seeking an Oasis

  • Enjoy the rejuvenating benefits of anti-aging, skin softening, hydrating ingredients.
  • Uses no self tanning ingredients.
  • A paraben free product with a pure, clean scent at a mid price point.

Products Available: Pure, Rejuvenate

Mineral Sun Products

For an Immediate Tan & Richest Possible Skin Color

  • Mineral makeup for the body and face combines the perfection of immediate mineral tan with the latest discoveries in the science of tanning skin care.
  • Immediate flawless, radiant tan while energizing the skin for a deeper UV tan, and selected products are enhanced with various levels of bronzing.
  • Superb Skin and Tan Enhancements—Silicone Emulsion, Aloe, Shea and Cocoa Butter, and Walnut Oil, improves the overall well being of the skin.

Products Available: Intensifier, Anti-Reddening, Black, Face

Sun Skin Spa Products

For the Pampering & Proven Skin Benefits of a Spa

  • Experience the pampering, proven result of a Spa—achieve your perfect tan and superb skin care.
  • Multiple premium Intensifiers, for a rapid and golden UV Tan, MR Complex™ & additional complexes to condition, firm & prepare the dermal layers for tanned, healthy, youthful looking skin.
  • A bonus of wrinkle reduction, anti-aging benefits and skin firming for Sesa-Flash™ and additional Cosmeceutical ingredients. Fragrances vary—all are clean, spa like and leave a light fresh scent.

Products Available: Base Builder, Natural Bronzer, Extreme Bronzer

Dark FX Products

For Beginning & Budget-Minded Tanners

  • Good quality products, formulated for use with UV Tanning Equipment at everyday, value prices.
  • Ideal balance of tan intensifiers and skin conditioning moisturizers and vitamins.
  • New Light Tingle Product for enhanced mirco circulation and the glow of “a day the beach.”

Products Available: Base, Bronzer