Staff Advice

Max Tan’s Smart Tan Certified staff has over 100 years combined of tanning and skincare service to better serve you.


  • A great way to extend, enhance, and complete your tan is with a Step 3 daily moisturizer and body wash. These products help your skin hold on the color with the accelerator Vitatan which is found in all our tanning accelerators. They also contain anti-aging and revive your skin after UV exposure.
  • Stay away from products with mineral oil for daily use. It doesn’t allow your skin to absorb moisture- from the air or from your accelerator when you tan.
  • Save your empty bottles! You can receive a FREE bottle of Submersion Tan Extender Wash when you bring in two empty bottles of accelerator from Max Tan!
  • Extenders give your skin back the important nutrients that you lose while tanning, and they complete the perfect tanning process!


  • Spray tanning is a great alternative to UV tanning. The solution we use is made by a skin care company, so it contains additional ingredients such as anti-aging, antioxidants and vitamins. We offer many different options to getting sprayed—full body, half body or even just your face.
  • Scared to apply a self tanner at home but don’t have time for a spray tan? Mix Total Immersion with Suddenly Sun Self Tanner lotion or spray in your hand to dilute the bronzer a bit so you don’t need to be as meticulous about the application. And ALWAYS apply self tanner right after the shower when skin is moist.
  • I tan a couple times in the next week after my spray so when it fades its not dramatically different.
  • Don’t squint your eyes while getting your face sprayed-it will leave crow’s feet. Also, wash all deodorant residue to avoid green underarms.
  • Stay away from oils after your spray—especially in sunscreens and bug sprays.

Specialty/Face Products

  • Your face skin continues down to your bust line, so facial products work there if you’re having problems tanning your chest.
  • You can also use any of our face products daily as a moisturizer. Its like a 2 for 1 deal! They contain anti-aging ingredients and help prevent fine lines and wrinkles, just like the products you would buy from a department store.
  • You can use Dark Sexy Legs on arms and legs both to darken them quicker. It also contains a hair growth inhibitors. You can also use your facial accelerator on your feet because its accelerating ingredients are more highly concentrated.


  • Professional accelerators can also help accelerate an outdoor tan as well during the summer months!
  • Mix it up! Avoid using the same accelerator time after time- this can cause your skin to become accustomed to the same formula.
  • All hot action/tingle lotions are step two, so they should be used after you have achieved a base tan and have hit your tanning plateau.
  • If you use bronzers, wait 2-4 hours to shower. Also, make sure you rub in circular motions, this eliminates streaks!
  • Accelerators help replenish what UV rays take away. Some also contain aroma-therapies, tighteners, firmers, diamond dust, and bronzers to give an added glow!
  • Do NOT leave accelerators in your car, cold and hot weather prematurely activates the ingredients.
  • Always use an accelerator when tanning. Because UV light reflects off dry skin, not using accelerator can mean your tanning process may not begin until 4-5 minutes into your tanning session!
  • Because all accelerators contain ingredients that break down over time, each lotion has an shelf life of 12-18 months. Replace accelerators older then 18 months to achieve the best results.


  • If you always go in Mediums, jump in the Pacifica for an extra UVB boost.
  • If you don’t tan your face, flip your feet around to place them under the face lamps for extra color.
  • SPF is great for tattoos and preventing them from fading!
  • Take a bath with a 1/2 cup of baking soda added to the water once a month to rejuvenate and detoxify the skin.
  • Don’t forget to use SPF lip balm to prevent your lips from burning.


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