General FAQ


Why do I need to wear eyewear?

Eyelids block less than 25% of harmful UV rays, so closing your eyes is not protecting you from the UVA and UVB rays from a tanning bed. Red, itchy or watery eyes may be an indication of short-term damage – your eyes have been sunburned! Repeated exposure will reduce night vision, diminish color perception, and increase your probability of brunescent cataracts. Surgery is the only cure for cataracts. UV exposure diminishes color vision. EYEWEAR MUST BE SHOWN EVERYTIME YOU TAN.

Can I tan without my keycard?

Yes, you may tan without your keycard as long as you have a valid photo ID.

Do my units expire?

Units expire 2 years from the date of purchase.

Am I allowed to share my package with a family member?

Any package (excluding Club Max) may be shared with an immediate family member.

Can I freeze my Club Max membership?

Yes, you can freeze memberships for up to 3 payments once a year. Appropriate forms to do this must be filled out IN STOREĀ  by the 20th of the month before you want the freeze to start.