Low Pressure

Classic beds with a high output bulb 9-12 Sessions to build your base tan 3-4 Sessions a week to maintain your tan

Locations Available: Central, East, North, South 

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Medium Pressure

Higher level of UVA and less UVB. Available in both laydown and stand up versions.

Medium Plus Pressure

Higher level of UVA and less UVB. PLUS all the bells and whitles.

High Pressure

Deepest, darkest, fastest results. 99% UVA rays and less than 1% UVB rays.

KBL 8000 Hybrid

The First KBL 8000 in Nebraska. The Luxury Hybrid is equipped with the innovative “intellisun” system and has  intelligent pre-selection controls that allows a customizable tan. 

First Timers Tan Free!

All new customers can take advantage of a complementary tanning session from Max Tan.