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Everyone is different! For your convenience, we offer four types of UV-tanning bed options and two types of UV-Free tanning booths.

Low Pressure

Classic beds with a higher level of UVB rays.

Medium Pressure

Available in both laydown and standup versions. Contains a combination of both UVB and UVA rays.,


Medium Plus Pressure

Contains a combination of both UVB and UVA, plus includes extra bells and whistles. 

High Pressure

Achieve the deepest, darkest, and fast results with our High Pressure. 99% UVA with less than 1% UVB ray.

KBL 8000 Hybrid

The Luxury Hybrid contains both UVB and UVA with multiple exposures customizable to the tanner.

VersaSpa (UV-Free)

VersaSpa’s innovations transforms your skin in just minutes. Bronze, hydrate, and smooth fine lines in one session.

VersaPRO (UV-Free)

VersaPRO offers four different levels of dark along with the option of clear, tint, or rapid solution.

Limited Time Offer!

First Timers Tan Free!

All new customers can take advantage of a complementary tanning session from Max Tan.